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White Peony, Roses, Gemini Spray with herbs and garden foliages.

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White Peony, Rose and Gemini single ended spray with herbs and garden foliages including Rosemary.
Rosemary is best known for remembrance and friendship. At one time rosemary was in every wedding, and at funerals mourners tossed fresh sprigs into the grave as a sign that the dearly departed would not be forgotten. Even today rosemary signifies love, friendship and remembrance.
NB - Please note that the image shown is a reflection of the theme of the bouquet and is subject to change based on availability. Our local delivery charges start from £7.95 We do not offer timed delivery. If the recipient is not in, we will leave the flowers in a safe place, or a willing neighbour. Failing this a note will be left, ALL Funeral orders require 48 hours NOTICE.