Prolonging the life of your Bouquets and Arrangements.

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,  although 99% of our flowers are sent to you Ladies !.

  • When you receive flowers and if you’re not at home, give them a drink of water as soon as you can, put them in a bucket of water, sink, basin. It will keep them fresh until you can get them home. If you need to travel with them, try to ensure the stems are wrapped in some damp paper tissue on the stems.
  • Hand-tied bouquets in water bubbles must be removed from the packaging within 24 hours , these (aqua packs) are for transporting only, bouquets left in them will not last very long, quickly running out of water, nutrients and oxygen.
  • Make sure your vase is clean before filling it with water. Scrub it with washing up liquid and warm water.
  • Our bouquets are often delivered with flowers in bud, they will last longer and you get to watch them open into Bloom.
  • If daffodils are mixed with other flowers, do NOT re cut the daffodils, otherwise you risk the sap from them poisoning the other blooms and ageing them.
  • Remove all stamens of pollen from lilies as they ripen, pollen will stain not only the petals but also clothes and soft furnishings if allowed to drop.  Flowers will last longer with stamens removed. Lily pollen from stamens is poisonous to cats.
  • Cut the stems (don’t break them) every couple of days, roughly 1 cm from the bottom, cutting at an angle , change the water in your vase at the same time.
  • Most flowers like to be kept somewhere between 15-18c, away from direct light, heat or cool vents,  avoid putting them near radiators or air conditioners, near the television or in the front window !
  • If you want to cut flowers from your garden be sure to do it in the morning  this is when they are stored with food,  at their most fragrant, steep them in water for 6 hours prior to arranging  them.
  • Don’t put fresh flowers near ripening fruit, particularly bananas. Ripening  fruit releases a gas, which will age the flowers prematurely.
  • Remove dead flowers from the bouquet  / arrangment don’t let foliage fall below the water line as this creates bacteria and will shorten the life of the flowers.
  • Keep the water fresh, replacing it every couple of days.