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CARIS - Funeral Posy

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CARIS - Country Posy including, Roses, Lily, Alchemilla, Mint, Balsamita, Sweet Williams with garden foliage's and Herbs.

Costmary or Bible-leaf (Chrysanthemum balsamita) 
This plant emits a soft balsamic aroma. Since colonial days, the leaves marked the pages of bible verses; however it did not serve as just an innocent bookmark. Sleepy churchgoers would sniff and nibble on the edges and they would be revived during long, boring sermons. 
NB - Please note that the image shown is a reflection of the theme of the bouquet and is subject to change based on availability. Our local delivery charges start from £7.95 We do not offer timed delivery. If the recipient is not in, we will leave the flowers in a safe place, or a willing neighbour. Failing this a note will be left, ALL Funeral orders require 48 hours NOTICE.