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Peonies - Delivery in Winchester.

Peonies - Delivery in Winchester.

Beautiful varieties for home and garden. One of the most Instagrammed flower images ever,  Megan Duchess of Sussex favourite flower.  In Japan in the spring,  hundreds and thousands of people visit the annual Peony Festivals, to drink in the perfumed air, gaze into the intricate hearts of these exquisite flowers be they frilled, flounced or curled. 

  • Peonies are the 12th anniversary flower.
  • Peonies symbolise good fortune and a happy marriage.

Types of Cultivated Peony.

The Tree Peony, which is actually a shrub, species have five petals and sometimes only three. 

The Herbaceous Peony,  throws shoots up from the ground annually,  breeding of Tree and Herbaceous Peonies has created the vast selection of cut peonies used in florists today.

Hybrid inter-sectional peonies grow in an extensive colour palette and many fantastical forms.  All forms are long lived in the garden and a delight when they re-appear year after year. These seductive Flowers enter our lives for such a short flowering period each year, two to three weeks , tree Peonies slightly longer.

Cut Peonies.

Florists are well aware, peonies make superb cut flowers, they are held in cold storage by the growers for weeks, extending the available season for much longer, the most commonly used in florists shops are Herbaceous Peonies.

  • Peonies are only in season for a really short time, from late April to mid-June.

Grow your own Peonies.

There are thousands of varieties to choose from, there are Peony varieties to please everyone, and every garden colour scheme. Cultivated in China for thousands of years,  it's roots and seeds used in Chinese medicine, for reducing inflammation in arthritic joints.




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