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Simple Interiors.

July 11, 2014

There needs to be balance with simple interiors, a balance not too utilitarian, but informal and above all calm.  Variation of textures, wall coverings, flooring, upholstery and soft furnishings all play an important part when creating this modern interior theme. Interiors with a country rustic simplicity do not need a country home to enjoy.  Painted wooden furniture, chairs with rush seats. Soft gentle wall colours, heavy linen curtains and minimal pattern, keep this feel softly relaxing.

Antiqued and faded cottons and linens, piles of cushions in ticking stripes and checks  help create charming vintage rooms. Imagine a drawing room c1940 in deepest Wiltshire,  Sir Cecil Beaton and his delightful entourage at Ashcombe House and then Reddish House in Broadchalke.

Society photographer and artist  Beaton bought Reddish House in 1947, transforming the interior.
Beaton added rooms and introduced many new fittings.  His later in life fling with Greta Garbo played out in this delightful house. The upper floor had been equipped for cock fighting in the 20thc,  Beaton used the cages as wardrobes for his oscar winning costumes from My Fair Lady, he remained at the house until his death in 1980 and is buried in the churchyard.
Reddish House, Broadchalke.

Entertaining friends and family, late into the night - setting the world to rights, gathered around wicker tables and chairs, one of life's great pleasures!. Blonde wooden furniture in simple lines, naked floorboards, sheer linen drapes floating in the breeze, retro tableware creates and uplifting feel of what went before and is still
so evocative about English Summer Evenings - weather permitting of course.


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Dendrobium Phalaenopsis Orchid.

July 09, 2014

There are about 300 species of Dendrobium, all natives of the tropics.  Many have large handsome flowers.
With few exception they require tropical treatment, when the correct temperature applied can be easy to grow. One of the easiest is D. Phalaenopsis a native of New Guinea, proves its self exceptional in the size and beauty of its flowers, ranging in colour from white to deep red-purple with...

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Hampshire Coffee Company - Fresh Roasted.

July 03, 2014

Britain has embraced cafe culture with huge enthusiasm.  Cafes and coffee shops abound in even the smallest town or Village. 

The first coffee house (above) was opened in Oxford in 1652.  Still on the same site a cafe bar called the Grand Cafe. Slightly later - Queens Lane Coffee House has been serving coffee in Oxford  for 360 years - established in 1654.

London's first coffee house opened in 1652...

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Funeral Flowers Gallery - June 2014.

June 30, 2014

Funeral Flowers delivered June 2014.

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