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Memoranda for a Rose Garden.

June 03, 2014

October - I begin with this month, he who desires a Rose-garden must now make arrangement  for planting in November. Must decide what rose stock will be required and  give his instructions soonest to the nurseryman. Towards the end of this month the first pruning, shortening by one fourth the longest shoots.
These cuttings will strike, if planted in about 6 inches of length, in a sheltered place, leaving two or three 'eyes' above the soil.

November - Is the best month for transplanting. How it cheers the Rosarians heart to welcome these packages from the nurseries. Let the briers be planted as soon as received and  not be set to deeply in the soil. Established Rose - trees should, if the ground be dry and the weather fine, have a good dressing of farmyard manure.

December - Take advantage of the first frosts, to wheelbarrow in another supply  for the new-comers.
The manure must remain on the ground to protect  and strengthen  and  need not be dug in until March. It would be wise at the beginning of the month, it would be wise to give a munificent mulching to all Roses of a delicate constitution, planted out of doors, the Noisettes and Tea scented Chinas against the Walls. Thus defended we shall feel less anxious for them during storm and frost.

January - Sweet memories and happy hopes, come to us musing at the fireside upon our Roses during a pitiless winters day. Repairing and repainting our boxes, sharpen our stakes, but with ground well drained
and Roses well secure and mulched we should not fear.

February -  All in to begin, for no more Rose-trees can be planted when this month has passed.

March -  Is the month for final pruning of all save  Noisettes and Teas.  All longer shoots having been shortened in October. Different varieties require different treatment, some vigorous growers such as Charles Lawson, Triomphe de Bayeux and Persian Yellow will not flower if closely pruned.  See to you stakes for the winds do blow in March, and towards the end of the month dig in the manure left around the newly planted Rose-trees.

April - Prune Tea-scented, Noisette and Bourbon Roses cutting very abstemiously when growth is vigorous. Take away all suckers. Stake firmly into the ground beside each stock rose. Secure the young tender shoots, safe against sudden gusts and look out for  the grub.

May - This pest will be found hidden in the curled leaf, waiting to attack the Rose Bloom. May brings much anxiety for the Rosarian.  Late vernal frosts. The sap is checked and circulation of Rose-blood is impeded,
disease will follow. Trees growing luxuriantly suddenly cease to make further growth. Order your new selection of pot grown roses from the Nursery.

June - If May has been genial, June will be glorious. If  not, we shall have, the aphis, honey-dew, mildew, rust and larva of saw-fly swarming like ravens, driving the poor Rosarian out of his wits. What is the natural cure ? You may brush; you may powder; mix your tobacco water once the aphis has taken possession you shall not see the Rose. Prevention is better than cure.

July - Should mildew appear, remove the affected leaves and cover the rest with flower of sulphur. The grub mentioned in April attacks this month  sucking the sap from underneath the leaf. During periods of drought which can occur often in July, loosen the surface of the beds and mulch if you can bear the smell with farmyard manure.

August - Cuttings may be taken at the beginning of the month from ripened shoots. About 3 inches long planted to the depth of 1 inch round the edge of a pot filled with a light rich soil, when rooted dignify with a pot of their own.

September - Remove suckers and weeds and enjoy our second harvest of Roses. Autumnal Roses are more intense than earlier in the year, we appreciate them more than when we were dazzled by overblown splendour,  we cling to them reluctant to let them leave us ! At the end of the month, the chill evenings come and curtains are drawn, who is so happy as the Rosarian with the new catalogues before him.


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