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Material 'Stuffs' - Traditional Luxury Textiles.

May 22, 2013

Traditionally upholstery and drapery materials were known in the trade as 'Stuffs' -  Damask was a favoured textile, rich in appearance, solidly coloured with the advantage that it could be cleaned and turned to its reverse,  remade without losing its glamour.

Now curtains and furniture are not required to last three generations lest alone a room re-decoration every few years. Upholstered furniture and  hand made draperies used to be very expensive, still can be so, owing to the high costs of labour and materials 'stuffs'  used in their making.

All fabric stuffs should be examined, held up to light to note any weave or print defects which may get missed
on a simple glance.

Silks - When choosing Silks, care must be taken to ascertain their quality, the thinking that weight should be the guiding test,  is not always sound. Thick heavy texture wears well, but can be difficult to work its stiffness spoiling the draping and hanging of curtains and drapes. Historic French Silks of Lyons and Tours manufactured with finest raw materials, long since revered for their beautiful textures, design and brilliance of colour.

Velvets - Upholstered furniture, hanging drapes of silk velvet are fit only for very luxurious rooms - state apartments.  Careful and very skillful workmen ship as very delicate handling is required. The quality of silk velvet is seen in the richness and brilliancy  of the cut pile and its smoothness and softness of touch.

Damasks - Silk Damask is made of various qualities usually one, two or three colours on a plain ground.
Patterns are various designs, often flowers in singles and groups. Indian and Chinese Damasks sometimes stitched with gold and silver thread to magnificent effect.

Taffeta - A thicker Silk fabric often used for curtains, hangings and draperies.

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Herbs, Sage & Lavender Bouquets.

July 04, 2020

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An addictive taste ! Our new delivery of Chocolate.

June 11, 2020

Customers often confess, in a rueful tone and blissful smile that they are addicted to chocolate !

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Chocolate makes you feel better, the magnesium eases stress, sugar soothes anxiety,...

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July 11, 2014

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